local brands in Egypt

Discover the Best Local brands in Egypt

Discover the Best Local brands in Egypt


Your gate to find all your needs from SheChick.
As we are one of the local brands in Egypt, we are here to provide you with Egyptian products 100%.


With an array of Egyptian brands awaiting you,
it’s time to discover our
home wear collection to add a touch of renewal to your wardrobe.


As you deep into the world of the local brands in Egypt home,
you’ll uncover a treasure trove of elegance and comfort with our products.
Whether you need comfy wear for home and lazy days or need
clear lenses, colored lenses you’ll find both. 


What Services We Provide?


As we are one of the most trendy local brands in Egypt,
we proudly care to produce Egyptian home wear and many products.

  • Our Home Wear:


SheChick is one of the local brands in Egypt, where we combine comfort,
and style to offer you elegant
women satin pajamas and sleepwear.

  • Luxurious Women Satin Pajamas:


Our collection of women satin pyjama sets is designed to envelop you in elegance and comfort,
and they are meant to surround you in style and coziness.

If you want a short and top style pyjama or if you want long sleeves and pants,
we provide a range of types like
long sleeve pyjama Pink, long sleeve pyjama Blue.
You’ll find many
satin pyjama set for women to suit your preferences to make you feel like luxurious in your home.


Therefore, buying some cool, breathable pajamas is a smart place to start if you’re seeking
ways to get a better night’s sleep.
home wear collection offers a wide range of options for women seeking satin pajamas
with elements like mesh panels, vents, or a loose-fitting silhouette.

  • Cotton Pyjama Sets:


Being one of the most fashionable local brands in Egypt, we have your favorite style
if you’re looking for a cozy cotton pajama set.

Our stylish pajama sets are designed to seamlessly combine comfort and style.
Made of high-quality cotton textiles. These sets provide you with a comfortable and fashionable choice
for a leisurely morning or a peaceful night’s sleep. 


Find our collection features a variety of designs, from blue pajama set for women,
Teddy pajama set beji, and Heart Print Pajamas Set Dark Purple ensuring that you can
choose the perfect set to reflect your unique taste.

  • Winter Collection:


Our stylish winter pajamas, which drew inspiration from our local brands in Egypt,
encapsulate the essence of timeless beauty.
Our flowing pyjamas have been made with fine features,
such as beautiful stitching, beaded accents, and vivid designs. 

Whether you’re looking for cozy lounge dresses for your home or teddy pajama sets,
our winter collection will keep you stylish and warm.


Check out our winter collection, which includes the Teddy pajama dark green
and the
short lounge dress dusty pink.

  • T-shirts:


Get ready easily, as we are one of the most stylish local brands in Egypt.
We care to design every piece with excellent Egyptian materials so that you can choose
your favorite style from our
t-shirts collection.
Check out our
oversized white t shirt graphic and t shirt oversize black.


Wearing cozy t-shirts for women is enjoyable.
These are perfect for daily wear, traveling, sports clubs, and workouts.
You can wear your
white oversized tshirt for women with joggers.

You can also wear a bomber jacket for extra warmth.


T-shirts are Easy to wear and layer. you can wear a t-shirt to feel the warmth or layered under sweaters,
jackets, and cardigans for cooler temperatures. 

There’s a T-shirt for everyone at SheChick!
From plain basics to graphic prints, bold colors to classic neutrals,
the diversity in styles and colors allows you to express your taste. 

  • Hoodies:


Want to get ready quickly and keep stylish?

Grape and move easily with your favorite hoodie for women.
As we are one of the local brands in Egypt we design every piece with the best Egyptian materials
so that you can choose your unique hoodie from our
hoodies collection.
Such as our
hot pink hoodie and lime green hoodie


Why our hoodies?

  • Comfort: When you wear our hoodies, you’ll feel the ultimate quite comfortable,
    because they are usually made of the softest cotton materials.
    When you pull up a hoodie over your head, it can offer a feeling of warmth.

  • Warmth: Wearing hoodies is great for keeping you feeling the warmth in cold weather.
    Our hoods can also help to protect your head and ears from the cold wind.

  • Stylish: Our hoodies can be a stylish and versatile addition to your wardrobe.
    They come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and designs,
    so you can find one that suits you from our
    hoodies collection.

  • Pants:


The most comfortable sweatpants for women you’ll love!

We are one of the local brands in Egypt that provides you with a wide range of sweatpants. 

Our sweatpants collection is typically made from soft, stretchy materials that are designed to be comfortable to wear.
They’re loose-fitting, which allows you the freedom of movement.
This makes them ideal for lounging around at home, running errands, or exercising.

You can find various colors like black sweatpants for women and blue sweatpants for women.

Depending on our premium Egyptian materials and we are one of the most stylish local brands in Egypt,
our sweatpants can be quite warm, which can be great for cold weather or after a workout.
In addition, wearing sweatpants can signal to yourself and others that you’re in a relaxed mood
and aren’t concerned with appearances.
This can be suitable for de-stressing after a long day or simply enjoying some time for yourself.

You can wear your sweatpants with an oversized pink hoodie and denim jacket or bomber for extra warmth.

  • Clear Lenses:

As one of the local brands in Egypt, we have another brand Ewink to provide you with clear lenses
that make you enjoy your day with better vision.

We know you are seeking clear vision, unhindered by blurry frames or uncomfortable contacts.
That’s why we offer you clear lenses from a passion for your comfort and confidence.

Forget the days of scratchy lenses and dry eyes.
Our premium materials, sourced with meticulous care, ensure comfort and breathability for your eyes. 

Our advanced clear lenses like biomedics 55 evolution asphere
air optix plus hydraglyde for astigmatism deliver exceptional clarity and make every detail clear.

By choosing clear lenses from us as we are one of the local brands in Egypt,
you’re not just investing in your vision; you’re investing in your community.

Embrace the Clear Advantage:

  • Premium materials for unparalleled comfort and breathability
  • Unmatched clarity and vibrant colors for sharp vision
  • Locally provides one of the local brands in Egypt.

  • Colored Lenses:


Embrace your natural beauty, and experience the transformative power of color with Ewink,
one of the local brands in Egypt for
colored lenses.

Lenses are made with exquisite care and a passion for innovation,
our lenses offer more than just a change in your eye color;
they redefine your eye expression and open a door to endless possibilities.

As a proudly Egyptian brand, we understand the vibrancy and diversity of you.
Our lenses boast shades, intricate patterns, and even natural-looking enhancements
that subtly amplify your existing eye color.

We utilize only the finest, premium materials,
meticulously sourced to ensure the highest standards of safety and comfort.

Our lenses are:

  • FDA-approved for safe wear in Egypt.
  • Made with breathable and soft hydrogels for all-day comfort.
  • Durable and long-lasting, for a reliable and rewarding experience.

You can find more colored lenses like Lorans contact lenses Kadet Caramel,
Desio One Day Contact lenses Attitude Precious Grey,
and Dahab Contact Lenses Gold Sky One Day.


SheChick always cares to produce comfy wear for you with the best premium materials,
like silky satin and fine Egyptian cotton, which are used by us to create
a soft touch that is comfortable against your skin. 


Our goal is to enable you to discover your ideal look at reasonable costs with unique designs.
You can get comfortable clothing for casual occasions as well as for wearing at home. 

By creating new lines, staying up to date, and inspecting our home wear collection,
we constantly strive to enhance our production.
Furthermore, we take care to use cotton material to prevent skin diseases. 


We also provide clear lenses and colored lenses through our Egyptian brand Ewink.
You can have a new eye color without worrying about any irritation.
In addition, there are various of clear lenses to have better vision and get rid of wearing glasses.


Don’t hesitate and choose your favorite pyjama, sweatpants,
and suitable lenses from our websites
SheChick and Ewink


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