Egyptian home wear brands

Egyptian Home Wear Brands

Egyptian Home Wear Brands


Searching for Egyptian home wear brands with the best quality?
Trying many different brands and finding it’s so expensive?
SheChick is your destination,
we are one of the trendy Egyptian home wear brands.

With an array of Egyptian home wear brands awaiting your exploration, it’s time to redefine your home wardrobe.
Indulge in the richness of Egyptian wear, elevate your comfort,
and embrace a style that marries tradition with modernity.


As you delve into the world of Egyptian home wear brands, you’ll uncover a treasure trove of elegance,
comfort, and sophistication with our products.
Step into a realm where every fabric tells you a story and makes you feel the comfort you’ll love.

Find your unique style for home wear we provide you with many types of pajamas,
such as
striped satin pajama set red and dark blue pajama.


What Products We Provide For You?


SheChick is one of the Egyptian home wear brands, where we combine comfort,
style, and cultural authenticity to offer you an elegant loungewear and sleepwear experience. 

1- Luxurious Satin Pajamas:


Our collection of luxurious satin pajama sets is designed to envelop you in elegance and comfort,
and our products are made from the finest Egyptian satin.

Whether you prefer a short and top style pajama or if you want long sleeves and pants,
we provide a range of types like
long sleeve pyjama Pink,
you’ll find many
satin pajama set for women to suit your preferences to make you feel like royalty in your home.


2- Cotton Pajama Sets:


If you want a comfy cotton pyjama set, you’ll find your favourite style with us,
as we are one of the most stylish Egyptian home wear brands.

Our chic pyjama sets are made to effortlessly blend style and comfort.
Made from premium cotton fabrics.
These sets offer you a cozy and stylish option for a restful night’s sleep or a leisurely morning.
Explore our collection featuring a variety of designs, from
pattern pajama set Burgundy
Mix Pajama Set Purple ensuring that you can choose the perfect set to reflect your unique taste and personality.


3- Winter Collection:


Our elegant winter pajamas capture the essence of timeless beauty,
drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of Egyptian home wear brands.
Our flowing pyjamas are meticulously crafted with delicate details, including intricate beadwork,
exquisite embroidery, and vibrant prints. 

Whether you need teddy pajama sets or short lounge dresses for home,
our winter collection will make a statement while keeping you warm and comfortable.

Explore our winter collection like Teddy Hooded Pajama Set Peach and short lounge dress dark grey.


4- Comfy Wear: 


Grape and go your outfit with ease. As we are one of the Egyptian home wear brands 100%,
we are curious to design every piece with premium Egyptian materials,
so you can choose your favourite style from our
hoodies collection.
Such as our
orange hoodie for women is a relaxed fit with wide long sleeves, so you can wear another piece with it.


You can enjoy wearing comfy joggers for women. They are ideal for your workout,
sports club, walking, travelling, holidays, and daily wear.
Easy to Pair it with a sports shirt or crop top and sneakers.
You can also add
oversized white t shirt graphic or jacket for extra warmth.

In addition, our sweatpants are irreplaceable pieces which feature a fabric that is light, soft,
breathable, and elastic, which makes you feel cool even on hot summer days.


Why SheChick?


Many Egyptian home wear brands are committed to reducing their environmental
footprint and ensuring fair labour practices.
So, when you choose to invest in their products, you’re not just elevating your comfort but also contributing
to a more sustainable and responsible fashion local industry. 

Our mission is to let you find your favourite style with affordable prices and luxurious designs
whatever you want comfy wear for easygoing or home wear, you’ll find both. 

We are looking always to improve our production by producing new lines,
still tuned and check our
home wear collection.
In addition, we care to use cotton material so that you won’t suffer from any skin infections. 

We also care about everything about self-care and all your needs, so we have another brand Ewink.
So if you are looking to enhance your eye color and make a lasting impression,
you can Explore our
colored lenses like Desio contact lenses Attitude Romantic Blue
FreshLook contact lenses Colors, Misty Grey.


Winter 2023-2024 Trends: The Trendy Colors This Season.


In the world of fashion, colors can change an item of your clothing and identify a season.
Every season brings with it amazing trends that update your wardrobe
and encourage you to try out new, different looks. 

This winter season is no exception, as striking looks depend heavily on color choices.
For that, we will clarify which colors are the best choices and which ones will rule the streets
and catwalks in the upcoming months.


1- Deep Blue: 


This season, deep sapphire blue is the obvious king.
This enigmatic shade is ideal for giving your clothing a refined touch because it reflects elegance and beauty.
Most Egyptian home wear brands produce blue pajamas and nightwear to make you feel calm and cozy.

If you are a blue color lover, you’ll enjoy wearing this elegant color.
You can check out our
satin pajama shorts blue, Mix Pajama Set Blue,
and long sleeve pyjama Blue.

 Deep blue is so adaptable, you may wear it to any event, including nights out and business attire.
It is also a color that goes well with most complexion tones, making it a chic and safe option.


2- Passion Red:


The coming fall of 2023–2024 will wow us by stunning us with a red tone that may be among
the most attractive on the palette, defying all predictions.
All the subtleties might be taken into consideration but based on what we have seen on Egyptian home wear brands,
there appears be shade of red is the one that has taken over every collection.

You can find more red pajamas like red satin pajama set, Mix Pajama Set Red
striped satin pajama set red.


3- Vibrant Emerland Green:


Another color that’s making waves this season is emerald green.
This rich, vivid color is ideal for the transitional season because it is linked to vitality and renewal.

You can choose this color which unites us with the environment and draws inspiration from it.
It’s also a color that draws attention to itself, which makes it a great choice for you to stand out.

Our green pajamas collection includes striped satin pajama set green genzary,
Teddy pajama dark green, and Satin Pajamas Set Mint Green.


4- Relaxing Mauve Rose:  


The ideal shade of mauve pink strikes a mix of elegance and sweetness.
This season, Egyptian home wear brands chose this calming, color because it exudes peace and calm.
It is a color that works well for both formal and informal occasions.
Mauve pink is even more beautiful because it looks great on a wide range of skin tones.


Check out our mauve and pink pajamas such as Heart Print Pajamas Set Dusty Pink
Teddy pajama set purple.


5- Optimistic Canary Yellow:


Solar yellow is a positive and joyful color.
This season, Egyptian home wear brands will be exploding with yellow.
We all need optimism and enthusiasm, especially these days, and this color delivers it to us in spades.
To add a cheerful touch to your outfits and your home wear you can add yellow accessories
or main clothing to your collection.


6- Warm and Cozy Brown:  


Although brown is a color that is always in style, it’s having an amazing comeback this year.
Cozy and warm brown colors are linked to serenity and comfort.
It’s a color that works so well with winter ensembles, giving you feel a cozy vibe.
You can simply mix and match with various colors in the fashion pallet.

Also, brown home wear is ideal for unwinding and relaxing after a hard day.
Explore more of our brown pajamas like
Teddy pajama set rusty brown
women pajama set rusty brown.





Egyptian home wear brands have revolutionized the world of loungewear and sleepwear,
and for that, we are offering you the ultimate in comfort and style. 

We use luxurious fabrics, such as fine Egyptian cotton and soft satin,
to ensure a heavenly touch against the skin, providing comfort and indulgence. 

As we are one of the greatest Egyptian home wear brands,
we offer versatile designs suitable for various occasions,
allowing you to feel effortlessly stylish even when relaxing at home.

In addition, This season’s popular colors are part of a broad palette that conveys a range of feelings and attitudes.
Every color, from brilliant yellow to deep sapphire blue, has a unique effect on you.
There are many colors for any style, whether it be sophisticated, calming, vibrant, or friendly. 

So go ahead and choose your trendy appearance at home from our home wear collection which keeps you cozy and chic.  


Women Satin Pajamas 2024

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